Working Outside the Box

The days of slaving away in front of a computer at your cubicle are fast becoming ancient history with most of us now able to complete the majority of our work from various locations. Working from home is becoming more popular saving workers money and time commuting and employer’s money on the space they need.

But where do we go from here? Is there another option? We have been looking at other remote working ideas and one of our favourites involves a plane, some sunshine and a laptop computer.

Holidays at work often seem to few and infrequent but more often than not a change of scenery is all that is needed to recharge your batteries. What if you could combine your work and your holidays to get the best of both worlds? We know it might sound strange having to settle down to your work while everyone else is splashing around the pool but flexible working hours can sometimes accommodate a mixture of both work and play.

Work in the sun

The majority of bosses out there will be happy if you do your work well and if you agree and arrangement with them where, for example, you work a five hour day you can seriously cut back on the amount of holidays you have to take from your work.

Here’s how it works. Most decent hotels have free Wi-Fi now so if you do your research and get yourself a nice week or two away in a good hotel you will have all you need to carry out your work. Now, say you have agreed our recommended 5 working hours a day. If you get up at 7 and work until 10, go out enjoy your day then work from 5 until 7 (remember this is just an example) you will be able to enjoy the majority of the day and evening. If you take that over a 14 day break with weekends off and consider that an average working week might be around 35 hours you would only need to take 3 days off your work for a 2 week break.

You can also check with your hotel if they have meeting rooms if you want some privacy or if your own room has a desk that will work fine too. The majority of decent hotels have these kind of facilities. The idea came from staying at this hotel – – and noticing that they had meeting rooms that were always busy.

1406 Soreda Hotel Family Suite

I found myself wondering what sad individual would be working away in a meeting room while everyone else was on their holiday, until I realised the possibilities.

The reason most of us like to get away on holiday is to enjoy the sunshine, see different places, spend time with our families and eat great food. There is no reason why we can’t enjoy doing it more often with the holidays you save by working away.

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