When a hospital isn’t a hospital

Ask someone to draw a picture of a hospital quickly and you’ll usually get a square looking building with a big red cross on the top. It’s a common and acceptable way to envision such a building and a standard view of what a hospital should look like. Because we like to find unique working spaces, after learning about the London Oncology Clinic, we just had to share some photos of this unique cancer hospital.loc interior 5

Based in Harley Street, which is a highly regarded area of the country for specialist hospitals, the LOC as its more commonly known provides private treatments for all types of cancer. It was set up in 2005 by consultants in the city as a hub for breakthroughs in the field of oncology. Unlike most NHS hospitals you’ll walk in to that look the same, LOC is based within a remodeled Victorian style building that is ornate and pristine.loc interior 4

With a duality as a hospital clinic and counselling centre, the building has a mixture of clinical looking rooms that are researching cancer to spaces that wouldn’t be seen out of place in some 5 star hotels.loc interior 3What’s quite striking is how homely the wards look. With rich woods, smooth marble floors and softer lighting, these spaces are akin to something like a spa. We’ve been told that making the wards looks how they do is incredibly important as LOC wants to make patients feel at ease when they’re visiting to get help with anything from kidney cancer treatment to counselling to nutritional advice that can create a cancer fighting diet. You can also find out more about private lung cancer treatment in the UK by visiting http://www.theloc.com/specialism/lung/.

loc interior 2The hospital’s private status also allows for treatment options that can’t be given on the NHS. These include the chance to take part in new trials and the use of medicine which is used in other EU countries but just isn’t available to the public yet.

loc interiorHaving seen what this hospital looks like and what it does, its incredible to see such a clinical space look homely and personal. We only hope to see more places like this take on a StudioMEB style of thinking and not be just another grey building with a red cross on top.


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