Stylish Office Interior Designs in Asia

The continent of Asia is vast and is home to a wide plethora of different styles which are influenced by each country and culture’s unique background. Some of the most striking differences can be found between East and West when we’re talking about working spaces, such as offices. Many westerners would be surprised to see how some Asian office spaces are different from what we tend to find in Europe and the USA.

We’ve scoured the net looking for some of the more unique and interesting office interior designs in Asia and have found law firms, financial bodies, and more who have interesting office interiors we should be appreciating.

Goodwin’s Office, Hong Kong

Goodwin Hong Kong Office

Goodwin are a legal firm specialising in private equity services in Asia, boasting an impressive office in Hong Kong’s business metropolis. This office may not be as zany or creative as the others we’ll be looking at in this stylish Asian offices list, however, we thought it worth a mention due to the fact that it absolutely hits the nail on the head when it comes to sleek, modern, simple, but stylish.

The boardroom on the left looks bright and uniform and this is displayed well through the thin and reflective surface of the glass wall panels. We also really like the fact that the designers have opted for carpeting in the boardroom to contrast with the wooden laminate outside. On the right, we can see the wooden theme is continued with smooth desks and, tables, and chair frames. The red lamps offer some eye-catching blotches among the grey and white colour scheme of the walls and ceiling.

Microsoft’s Office, Singapore

Microsoft Asia Office

We all know Microsoft, the tech giant behind Windows, very well but what we might not know is that some of their offices look staggeringly well-designed – after all, they have numerous offices and the same style can get boring. This Asian office makes use of a well-defined and strict colour scheme along with the use of some interesting geometric shapes in order to give itself a sense of character, which is exactly why we like it so much.

The combination of white, grey, and purple across the floor, desks, walls, and ceilings give a sense of orderliness and organisation – something we imagine most offices want to portray but often fail to. What draws the eyes first is the shape of both the light shades and the seats which are bold edges and smooth surfaces. The green plants are the finishing touch which adds the small burst of bright colour, similar to the red lamps in Goodwin’s Hong Kong office.

Creative Studio Flamingo’s Office, Shanghai

Shanghai office design

Now, this is an office design that stands out among the rest, even despite the darker colour scheme. This design studio in Shanghai seems to have gone with an older and more traditional-looking office design but with a modern and well put-together twist. The floor level screams business, but the ceiling and lighting shouts innovation.

The walls, tables, and floor of this office design look very industrial and business-like in nature, which can be good or bad depending on the rest of the office’s appearance. Thankfully, the folks behind this interior design have used the wooden walls on the right and the dropdown lights to push forward that this office is striving to be different. We certainly think they’ve managed to put this notion forward, tenfold.

Modern Offices are Changing

Offices in the modern day are becoming more and more interesting when it comes to interior design every single day. We hope this quick look at some of Asia’s office spaces has given you a taste of the variety there is out there – it’s worth noting that you can find many more of these types of offices by searching through Pinterest!

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