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Making an office an interesting and unique space to work in is getting more and more difficult with so many people trying to think outside the box. When this happens, what used to be outside the box becomes firmly inside the box and the little eccentricities that we add to set us apart start getting lost in white noise.

That is unless we come up with an idea that is not only imaginative and unique but also captures the imagination of everyone that comes across it.

In step Pearlfisher, a branding and design agency located in offices in London and New York. As you might imagine, a company tasked with thinking up innovative and creative ways to design a new brand for clients will have a few ideas.

One of these ideas recently saw them go viral with articles in online magazines like Vice, that idea was balls! That’s right, a giant ball pit, in fact so giant that 81,000 balls were needed to fill it. The idea was to combine the childlike wonder of play with the idea of snowy scenes which resulted in this giant pit of white balls that invited you to leave your inhibitions at the door and jump in!

Adult ball pool

The partnership with children’s charity Right to Play invited people to make the most of the installation in their Hammersmith office and there is no doubt that the workers themselves enjoyed the experience too. Working in the creative industry should not be stuck in cubicles and offices, this kind of environment breeds great ideas.

The installation was such a success that it was actually moved over the Atlantic to the New York offices and opened to the public there as well.

All year round the Pearlfisher offices are a hub of creative energy and we can’t wait to see what they come up with next. With this kind of viral reaction to their own office you can see why they are one of the top creative brand agencies in the world already.

Adult ball pool

Adult ball pool
Adult ball pool


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