Personalize Your Workspace

Spending most of the working day sitting at a desk, we have come to realize that having a beautifully decorated office space really draws out creativity and brings great inspiration. Whether you work in an office or have a workspace at home we believe that the way your workspace is designed and decorated makes a huge difference to your work day. This office in particular is a great example of bringing the outdoors indoors. The butterfly stencils on the walls and cut flowers in vases on the table are not only relaxing to look at but give the whole room a sense of nature and the great outdoors.

A hanging bird feeder placed next to the window outside serves as a welcome distraction from the day and allow you to enjoy a few moments throughout the working day where you can really grey close to nature and decompress.

Although it is not just the aesthetics of the room that have a tie with mother nature. The whole building is heated by a system of ultra efficient eco radiators which provide the maximum heat for the minimum amount of energy, to help ensure that mother nature will be there to distract you from your work for years to come.

Struggling for money to work with in order to personalize your workspace?

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