3D Printing Your House!

It used to be that if you were starting out building a house or office, you’d lay down a foundation brick and work your way up from there. Long gone are the days though were building a house would involve having to look at a large print out of hand drawn plans. It’s 2015 after all. All you need to do is get a tablet computer and tell a printer what to do. Don’t believe us? Well they’re about to start doing this in Dubai.

3d printed house Dubai

Just a few months ago it was announced by the Museum of the Future that Dubai would be building the world’s first 3D printed office space. And the museum is having to put their money where their mouth is as these offices will be used by the museum. These uniquely shaped offices will be made entirely by industrial 3D printers. And that includes everything about the building. The rounded exterior that wouldn’t be out of place in Star Wars is of course a striking visual that only be created by specialised moulding, but everything inside is aimed to be created in the same way too.

Desks, lights, tables, fixtures; everything in the office (except pens we’re guessing) will also be custom designed and printed in the same way too. All the components for the building will be made individually, so that exterior will essentially come together like a big block of Lego. It’s envisioned that the offices can go from being a plan on a computer to a fully constructed building in a matter of weeks, saving on costs that would traditionally take anything from 6 months to a year.

3d printed house Dubai 2

The need for affordable and convenient accommodation is on the rise in Dubai. With the rise of luxury apartments in Dubai as more companies are investing and growing in the area, and ideas like these which are cheaper for companies and arguably just as safe are gaining more and more interest. The firm creating these offices estimates that the quick turnaround for such a build would cost labour costs right in half and save up to 60% in waste as every element of the building is accounted for from the get to.

3d printed house Dubai

In terms of a work space from our point of view, this can only be a good thing. It is essentially a modern office which is greener, quicker and more resourceful. We can imagine these types of 3D printed building becoming common place over the next decade as they’d have such a reduced impact on the environment which would make them perfect for short term events that need a central infrastructure. Events like the World Cup and Olympics could use these types of structure instead of wasting billions in making buildings which are famous for becoming derelict. Even in times of crisis this type of building could come in incredibly handy.

Here’s hoping these ideas of future office life grow quickly as they’re very exciting and fully future proof. But if you prefer your home or offices a little more traditional, check out some great Watton properties for that less ostentatious look.


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