Parisian Venues

There are a number of venues in Paris to see a show? You might wonder which one is the best to visit while in town. That depends on a number of factors such as the type of show you’re wanting to see,  whether it’s a show, a concert or sporting event.

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One of the most prestigious venues to visit while in town is to stay in hotels near  Palais des Congres.  One of the most unique venues in the city , it is home to a shopping mall, convention centre and a shopping mall. So, picture the scene, you’re in town and you want to see one of your favourite artists but want to shop before or after the event, well you can do both these things at the Palais des Congres. The centre was built back in 1974 by Guillaume Gillet the French architect.

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One other great venue to come and see in the city is the Parc des Princes which is the football ground of PSG or Paris Saint Germain. The venue is situated just outside the centre in the 16th district of Paris. The stadium can  accommodate up to 49,000 on any given day and the stadium is usually sold out on most match days.  The stadium was also the home ground of the French National Team before they moved to their new ground in 1998.  Visit these two amazingly constructed buildings the next time you’re in Paris.




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