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Working Outside the Box

The days of slaving away in front of a computer at your cubicle are fast becoming ancient history with most of us now able to complete the majority of our work from various locations. Working from home is becoming more popular saving workers money and time commuting and employer’s money on the space they need. Read more…


Geneva Style

Geneva is famous for a lot of things and welcomes many tourists and visitors every year which is why we thought we would take a look at one of their best accommodation options, Fraser Suites Geneva. Read more…


Personalize Your Workspace

Spending most of the working day sitting at a desk, we have come to realize that having a beautifully decorated office space really draws out creativity and brings great inspiration. Whether you work in an office or have a workspace at home we believe that the way your workspace is designed and decorated makes a huge difference to your work day. This office in particular is a great example of bringing the outdoors indoors. The butterfly stencils on the walls and cut flowers in vases on the table are not only relaxing to look at but give the whole room a sense of nature and the great outdoors.

A hanging bird feeder placed next to the window outside serves as a welcome distraction from the day and allow you to enjoy a few moments throughout the working day where you can really grey close to nature and decompress.

Although it is not just the aesthetics of the room that have a tie with mother nature. The whole building is heated by a system of ultra efficient eco radiators which provide the maximum heat for the minimum amount of energy, to help ensure that mother nature will be there to distract you from your work for years to come.

Struggling for money to work with in order to personalize your workspace?

If you are a business who has previously just went through start-up, we would suggest looking at ways in which other star-up companies can afford to gain stock to sell quickly and without getting into debt – gaining stock based compensation. Although gaining this sort of compensation requires you to research a few of the relegation which you’ll need to pass in order to receive the much needed help. You need to have your accounts, tax and law considerations in mind. Letting employee’s buy stocks is the best way to also give you employees motivation to work more. Get more information on this here: http://www.foundersworkbench.com/hiring/stock-based-compensation/

blank canvas

The Blank Canvas

Having looked at some of the more interesting office spaces it certainly makes it difficult to choose which way to go when faced with a blank canvas. The minimalist look is certainly not for everyone, some may feel that surroundings such as these are a touch clinical and not very comfortable. However you don’t need to paint your walls terracotta for it to feel comfortable, once you’ve moved all of your office furniture in that is often enough to make it seem familiar again. Bear in mind that an office space is a place of work, not somewhere for you to put your feet up and have a nap, regardless of how much you may want to.

s shaped

Tile up your office wall

Futuristic features of an office space don’t always need to be high tech. Here we have a perfect example of how simple ‘s-shaped’ wall tiles can be used in such a manner to give a sci-fi pattern effect. Their deep blue colour and way in which they reflect the light gives a cool 3D effect and is reminiscent of the same heat-shield tiles used on modern space shuttles.


bright ideas

Bright Ideas

One of the most vital aspects of office design is lighting. It is often overlooked by businesses that do not realize that it has a huge effect on the well-being and productivity of their employees. Natural daylight not only helps us to synthesize Vitamin D but is also crucial to a human being’s circadian rhythm; not getting enough sunlight can make people feel tired and sluggish and is often the driving factor behind Seasonally Affected Disorder (SAD) which seems to be so prevalent among the population in northerly countries. Feeling tired brings with it an increased intake of caffeinated drinks and therefore more toilet breaks. By simply placing desks near window areas of building or painting the wall lighter colours to make the most of the light can make a big difference. This Chiswick letting agent did just that and can certainly vouch for the positive effect it has had on staff.


Stirring Up Inspiration At Your Desk

Want to feel you’re working out at your desk but don’t know how? This flashy table could help you burn calories in the easiest way ever; standing up! People often underestimate how many extra calories that are burned when you spend several hours of the working day standing as opposed to sitting at your desk. Even if you are not walking anywhere the constant motion which comes with shifting your weight onto each foot and re-adjusting your position forces you to do far more than you would if you were sitting down. That added bonus of standing is that it helps with correct posture meaning you won’t get the same soreness in your back and pelvis. This office in Broxborne has just brought them in.


The Best Office Investment

Do you ever feel sore after a hard days’ work in the office? If you think it is down to stress than think again: Back pain in the office is most commonly down to the chair that you sit in. It has been found that the longer you sit then the greater your risk of developing back troubles, such as slipped discs or weakened lumbar. The ergonomics of the office chair are vital for a comfortable and pain free day. Ideally your chair should adjust in height, tilt and back support to keep you spine as upright and straightened as possible (almost like being stood to attention only still sitting down. Your legs should be bent at the knee at 90 degrees with feet flat on the floor, and head pointing forward towards the screen. It may feel strange at first if you are not used to sitting in this position but give it a few days and you will really feel the difference in your back. Why not ask those who know, this estate agent in Chiswick recently replaced all of it’s seating with ergonomic chairs much to the delight of the staff.

A great investment into an office is to have a great heating system, it doesn’t just keep the employees in a healthy condition but it will keep them motivated and in great comfort to perform. We would highly suggest looking into getting high performance radiators for your office if you haven’t already got them installed. Have a look at what these sort of radiators can give to your office here:  https://www.traderadiators.com/acatalog/column-radiators.html