Looking At The ExCel London

You’re in London for a few days and you have tickets for a few shows. You’re wondering where you should visit? A venue which might not be your first port of call is the ExCel London, situated not far from Canary Wharf.

The international exhibition centre located  at the Royal Victoria Dock not far from London City Airport hosts a variety of events throughout the year.  This venue isn’t like any other. Yes the likes of the O2 will host the likes of Drake and other big concerts but here you’ll be able take in shows such as the London Boat Show, Travel and Wedding Shows. People visit  from all over to come here. The types of visitors include professionals, tradesman, families and couples, depending on what event is on.

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The venue was completed in the year 2000 but it didn’t really come into its own until early 2008.  Bought over by a Middle Eastern entity, the Abu Dabi based company created a new phase of development for the building across the 100 acre site. What was created wasn’t just a first for the ExCel but for the whole of London, with the first International Convention Centre being built. Fast forward a few years to 2015, ADNEL opened a training and meeting space at ExCel, next to the Victoria Dock to further enhance ExCel’s reputation as a major play in the events industry.

Visiting ExCel is worth it, even to view the structure itself. There are a number of hotels near ExCel so you’ve not excuse really not to come now.







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