Parisian Venues

There are a number of venues in Paris to see a show? You might wonder which one is the best to visit while in town. That depends on a number of factors such as the type of show you’re wanting to see,  whether it’s a show, a concert or sporting event.

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Looking At The ExCel London

You’re in London for a few days and you have tickets for a few shows. You’re wondering where you should visit? A venue which might not be your first port of call is the ExCel London, situated not far from Canary Wharf.

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Visit These Venues In Europe

When someone says Europe, what do you think of? Culture, diversity and football yes, but also some cracking venues which host the world’s most famous artists and biggest events. Check out the very coolest Europe has to offer with our quick tour, which will no doubt have you comparing flights when you’re done!

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